Can I go to the park?

Yes, you can still check out one of our many trails or parks, while practicing social distancing (groups of less than 10 and staying 6 feet away). Check out Parks & Recreation department updates on the page for up-to-date changes about cancellations and closures. 

For the time being all of the following are closed to the public:

  • All Heritage Park public and private events
  • Spring Adult Softball and Spring Blastball programs.
  • Rentals of pavilions, community centers and city buildings, renters may reschedule or be refunded.
  • Chandor Gardens daily access, rentals and weddings - the Garden is closed.
  • Play Structures (all playground and other equipment touched by multiple people)
  • Patsy Hooks Dog Park
  • Quanah Hill
  • Soldier Spring Tennis Courts
  • Public Water Fountains
  • Public Restrooms
  • Camp Gladiator.

Follow our Weatherford Parks & Recreation Facebook Page (@WPARD) to see our weekly Mission Possible! scavenger hunts to get you up and moving while maintaining a safe distance from others. 

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