911 Cell Phone Program

Program Information
Senior citizens, victims of family violence and disabled citizens can feel safer with 911 at their fingertips.


How the Program Works
Old cell phones are donated to the Weatherford Citizen Police Academy Association. The Association cleans the phones, makes sure the batteries and chargers are operable and bags them up for distribution. Qualifying citizens apply for phones at the Weatherford Police Department and, if approved, are provided with a 911 Emergency Cell Phone.

Who Provides the Phones
Individuals donate their old cell phones to the Weatherford Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association. Cell phone companies have also donated old phones that were used by their customers as trade-ins.

Donate Your Old Cell Phones
If your phone had a functioning battery when you last used it, please drop it off (with any chargers and or lighter adapters) at the Weatherford Police Department. If you provide your address at the time you donate it, you will receive a thank you card that can also be used as your receipt for tax purposes.

If at least one of the following qualifications are met, you may qualify for a 911 Emergency Cell Phone:
  • Be 55 years of age or older and in need of a phone to help safeguard you during the course of your day and night.
  • Be a disabled citizen at any age.
  • Be a victim of family violence at any age.
Not A Sole Source Of Protection
The 911 Emergency Cell Phones are not to be relied upon as a sole source of protection. You must take proper precautions to ensure your own health and safety.